The new software of the TECDATA DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER SPC MAX has completely bene rewritten and reprogrammed and gets the significant name of  EXPERT MODE. The operational working method stays simple and logical. 


You first select the manufacturer with clear brand logo followed by construction year, vehicle model, cylinder capacity and engine code. The selected vehicle will be maintained automatically if the reading of other systems is required.

Then you select the desired system type such as Airbag, Airco etc. The most probable system will be indicated automatically in the field "REGISTERED SYSTEMS FOR THIS VEHICLE".

Considering that even the best diagnostic scanner of the world will not be 100 % complete regarding number of vehicles or covered systems, the SPC MAX is now equiped with an ingenious self-costructing and self-growing operation file.

If the registered system is not yet listed, the possibility exists to find the right system yourself in the list of all systems.

The catching up of a system is often quite easy by checking the label of the control unit or consulting the Autodata Technical Database.

After a successful reading you are able to add the system to the registered systems for this vehicle.

The more recent vehicles of BMW (ISO/CAN), Fiat (CAN , Ford (SAE, K line, CAN), Honda (ISO, CAN), Mercedes-Benz (CAN), PSA group (CAN, K line, MPX), Renault (CAN), VAG group (CAN) and Volvo ( CAN ) are equipped with a special function for simultaneous reading of all electronic control units and for erasing the fault memory.

The new generation of the powerful and user friendly diagnostic scanner SPC MAX  comprehends over 4200 operational systems and about 40.000 diagnostic messages confirming the universality, the power and the possibilities of the scanner.