TECDATA DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER ULTRA-MAX / Powerful, high quality and very modern diagnostic scanner operated by a computer. Very easy to use and learn, works very quickly and disposes of an SD memory card and a flight recorder function which enables the scanner to record selected data during a test drive.
TECDATA DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER SPC MAX / Reliable, versatile and very flexible scanner operated by a computer. The software gives access to around 100 vehicles brands of European, but also American and even Chinese origin.
TECDATA ULTRA-PRO ONLINE - SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE + DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRING / Flagship for technical information for European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles. Additional to the content of the version MEC this version also contains an impressive upgrading with important information sections regarding electronics in the vehicle such as wiring diagrams, known problems and solutions, component diagnosis etc.
TECDATA MEC-PRO ONLINE - SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE / Extended basic version with important and essential information for adjustments, emissions, service and maintenance, mechanical repairs of European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles.
TECDATA MOTORCYCLES ONLINE - SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE + DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRING / Extended and detailed information system for service, adjustment, diagnostics and repairing of European, Japanese and American motorcycles. Contains also electronic sections suchs as wiring diagrams and fuses and relays.
TECDATA TRUCKS ONLINE - SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE + DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRING / The most complete database for trucks and light commercial vehicles with information about adjustments, maintenance and repairing. The most complete version also contains original repair times and wiring diagrams for engine management and ABS / EBS.


Package combi PLUS : Scanner + portable hp

€ 2750



At this moment we can offer a special package "Combi Power Plus" which contains the TECDATA DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER ULTRA MAX and updaing during 3 years along with a very powerful HP portable.

•You pay € 2750 at the start for the scanner + portable.

•The first year the updating of the scanner is free of charge.

•The second and third year  you pay each time € 685 for the updating of the scanner software.

The portable us fully installed for you ( Windows + diagnostic software ) so that you can start right away aftre receiving your package. The HP portable has a powerful processor and a SD harddisk resulting in booting times of a few seconds.

Every year at least 3 updates are released to update the scanner software.

You have warranty during 3 years and this is even extended for as long as you become updates continuously.



Your advantages on a row:

>> Start bonus of € 300.

>> 1 Year updating free of charge - value € 685.

>> Solid, powerful and fully installed HP portable free of charge.

>> At least 3 years of warranty on the scanner.


With this set you become a automotive professional and can start right away with diagnostics of cars. Thanks to the updating during 3 years you are also sure you can follow the latest evolutions on the market.

The scanner is very fast and along with the powerful laptop waiting times during diagnostics are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Delivery prices not included.

If you would like more information about this offer, you can contact us via email or via phone 0032 3 644 79 97.




Unique diagnostic scanner because of its extensive abiities. With the SPC MAX you can read out new vehicules as well as older vehicles of European, Asian, American or even some Chinese manufacturers. Equipped with a voltmeter and a two channel oscilloscope.

In this GOLD package the scanner is supplied with specific and unique connectors for making the readings of vehicles with EOBD / OBD II connector more easy and handy.

The scanner is delivered in a solid aluminium case and is equipped with a Bluetooth connection so that you can work without cable connection. At the same time you can at any time use the USB cable as well.

The scanner can be installed on as many PCs you want and will continue to work, also when you decide not to install any updates.

Click on the link to download the brochure of the SPC MAX.

At this moment we have a special summer promotion: *** discount of € 1185 ***

4685    =>    € 3500

=> Communication with vehicules equipped with EOBD / OBD II connection

=> Communication with vehicules equipped without EOBD / OBD II connection

=> Special connector set for 20 constructors

=> 3 Mercedes connectors

=> Mercedes Sprinter + VW LT connector

=> Voltmeter included

=> Oscilloscope included

=> Integrated Bluetooth connection

=> Delivered in a a solid aluminium case.


If you want more information regarding this offer, don't hesitate to contact us via email or by telephone 0032 3 644 79 97.


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